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The tools / Chisels

Chisels are known since Stone Age, then made from flint stone. They have many uses, mainly for precision cuts when cutting dove tails or other joints in furniture making. Chisels are beveled on one side and are often worked with mallets. Widths can vary from 3 to 50 mm. They are also used in log building.

European chisels

European chisels have long blades, which gives them a long life even if grinded often.

Japanese chisels

Japanese chisels are famous for their high quality. They are hand forged and laminated, or even damascated. Their short blades make them handy and easy to work with. When sharpening, the hollowed back makes flattening  easy.


Tre stämjärn och en skölp

Ett stämjärn och en skölp.

Europeiskt stämjärn