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The trees / Willow - Salix


Willow is, just like sallow, a member of the Salix family. We have many species of salix in Sweden, growing as shrubs or small trees.

The wood

The wood has an open fibrous texture, is light in weight, weak and easy to bend. The sapwood is yellowish white, the heartwood reddish brown. It is easy to season without distortion since the shrinkage is very small. Twigs and branches are used in basketry. The wood was used for brake pads since it do not ignite from high friction.Many different types of willow are cultivated for use in basketry.

Did you know that:

  • Willow was planted as hedges and wind shelter to stop soil erosion in Skåne.
  • The willow had magic powers.
  • Divining rods from willow were the best when searching for water.
  • In popular medicine willow was used to cure fever.

Pillöv / Willow Leaf

Pil vid vatten / Willow Near Water