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The trees / Linden - skogslind, bohuslind, parklind - Tilia cordata, Tilia platyphyll, Tilia x

Linden, Lime

Linden immigrated from Denmark 7500 years ago. The most common linden in Sweden is Small- leaved Lime, Tilia cordata. It is native to the middle of Sweden but can also be found in scattered populations in the south of Norrland. Common European Linden, Tilia platophyllos, grows only in Bohuslän and is called Bohuslind. Hybrids of these are used in parks and avenues. The leaves are heart shaped with serrated margin. Linden blossoms in July with yellowish white fragrant flowers. The fruits, small winged brown seeds in clusters, ripen in autumn. The reddish-brown young stems later develop dark gray bark with fine fissures and furrows. Single growing trees develop thick branches low on the trunk while populations in forests have straight, clean trunks and a dense and bushy crown. Linden grows up to 30 meters tall and get very old, up to2000 years.

The wood

The wood is light yellowish white with a bitter scent. It is light and soft and works very evenly, making it ideal for carving. Also used for window blinds, aircrafts, packing-cases and artificial limbs. 

The inner bark fibers have been used for cordage and weaving.


Did you know that :

  • Charcoal from linden is used for drawing.
  • A linden was often planted as yard tree since it is a health bringing tree. The linden was the home of elves, gnomes and sometimes also the much feared linden snake.
  • Chewing linden leaves cured sore lips and blisters.
  • Even today a soothing tea is brewed from linden leaves.
  • There are many legends connecting the linden with love, maybe because of its heart shaped leaves.

Lind, virke / Linden, wood

Lindblommor / Linden Flowers

Lindfrukt / Linden Fruits

Lind / Linden