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Wood Craft / Spoons and ladles

Spoons and ladles

Spoons and ladles are important daily used utensils in our kitchens. They have a long history and were besides knives the most common tools for eating. In the old days most spoons and ladles were made of wood. Everyone had their own spoon and people often ate from one, common bowl.

Spoons were also used as gifts to young women from their suitor, particularly north of Dalälven. Those love spoons were often highly decorated with carvings.

Spoons and ladles are still made by many craftsmen. The strongest spoons come from natural crooked wood, where the shape of the spoons follows the grain and the shape of the wood. Spoons are also made from straight grown trees.

Skedar och slevar / Carved Scoop

Skedar och slevar / Carved Ladles