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Wood Craft / Sewn root baskets

Sewn root baskets

Thin roots are used for making baskets in all of Sweden but mainly in the north. For the saamis it was and is an important craft.

Birch roots are preferred, being long, thin and strong. Spruce, pine and sallow roots are also used.

The baskets are called sewn or coiled since they, as opposed to weaved baskets, are sewn or coiled from the center and outwards in spiral. It is a very time-consuming technique.

There are many varieties of root baskets, from small tightly knit salt bottles to big latticed food baskets.

Salt cellars, carrying or storing baskets with lids, cheese baskets, breadbaskets and food baskets are all common types of root baskets.

Rotkorg / Sewn Root Basket

Rotslöjd / Sewn Root Basket