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Wood Craft / Candlesticks and lanterns

Candlesticks and lanterns

The hearth was the most important and often also the only source of light. Holders for pine splints were sometimes used, and along the coasts lamps for train oil were common.

During the middle ages candles from wax or tallow got more common. Since they were expensive and used only on special occasions the candlesticks were highly decorated.

Of course candlesticks can be made in many ways and materials, forged iron being the most common. There are also many types of wooden candlesticks, due to fire risk mostly with candleholders in metal.

Lanterns too are made in various ways, with frames of wood and sides in transparent materials like glass, pigs bladders or quills.

Glaslykta / Lantern

Svinblåslykta / Lantern made of pig bladder