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Wood Craft / Besoms and whisks

Besoms and whisks

Thin twigs can be used in making functional whisks and besoms. In Sweden birch twigs are the material of choice, occasionally small shrubs like Shrubby Cinquefoil or Crowberry have been used. Besoms are made with or without handles, mostly with the bark left on. Besoms with the bark removed are called white besoms.

Though not commonly used besoms are still made. In other parts of the world there are besoms of the same type made from local materials, like tall grasses.

Whisks are made from peeled twigs, mostly from birch. Besides in cooking, they have been used for wetting textiles when ironing and for splatter painting.

björnmossekvast / Besom made of common hair moss

Björkriskvast / Besom made of birch twigs